Friday, December 28, 2007

Maging Sino Ka Man: Ang Pagbabalik (Book 2)

Main Cast: John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo, Anne Curtis, Sam Milby, Christopher De Leon, Philip Salvador, Chin Chin Guiterrez
Supporting Cast: Angelica Panganiban, Toni Gonzaga, Glenda Garcia, Rosanna Roces, Derek Ramsay
Directed by: Mae Cruz, Rory Quintos, Gilbert Perez
Guest Directors: FM Reyes, Olivia Lamasan
Date Aired: December 10, 2007

The characters that we came to love in the multi-awarded drama, such as Eli, Jackie, JB and Celine (played by John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo, Sam Milby and Anne Curtis,respectively) return with the promise of displaying higher level of acting and deeper emotions in a mesmerizing story.

Respected actors Christopher de Leon and Chinchin Gutierrez assume their original roles that they have made iconic in season one. Meanwhile, Rosanna Roces and Phillip Salvador join the cast with a promise of equally brilliant portrayals.

As if the powerhouse cast mentioned above is not enough, today's hottest and most-promising stars join the admired ensemble to breathe life to characters bound to become unforgettable. Derek Ramsay, Angelica Panganiban and Toni Gonzaga lend their acting prowess to this year's Star Awards Best Drama series. Considered as the soap opera that brought teleseryes to a higher level in the local scene, Maging Sino Ka Man Book II promises quality television program that you will not want to let go.

Pilot Episode Synopsis:

Dec. 10, 2007 -- Six months after Eli and Jackie are married, things seemed to be doing well and fine—the two are enjoying their second honeymoon in Barcelona, Jackie’s parents are reunited, and JB and Celine are engaged. Jackie has also told Eli that she might be pregnant. But conflict soon arises when Jackie bleeds and discovers that she is not pregnant after all. The Madrigals’ newly inaugurated business was also attacked by a mysterious bomber. Celine also suffers from stomach pains and JB instantly figured out that she might be pregnant.

Meanwhile, a new character appears on scene—a certain Veronica Rubio who steps up and confronts Fidel about their previous affair. Veronica reveals that Lena is also Fidel’s daughter and she is bound to seek revenge for what she and her daughter had been through all these years. In the midst of Jackie’s charity work for the victims of the explosion, Veronica disguises herself as a meek and weak mother of a sick daughter who’s a big fan of Jackie’s. Goodhearted Jackie promised her that she would visit her daughter one of these days and it will be the beginning of another chain of trials in her life.

Dec. 11, 2007 --

Everyone rushes as a new day begins. Jackie prepares to visit Veron and her daughter while Veron makes frantic calls to Lena to come home. Celine struggles to hide her condition from JB while Eli is sent by Fidel to meet with a certain Mr. Jimenez. In his meeting, Eli tries to convince Mr. Jimenez to invest on Fidel’s project but refuses to do so because of his father-in-law’s reputation. Because of what he heard, Eli was forced to defend Fidel’s credibility but only ended up upsetting both Mr. Jimenez and Fidel. So he goes to Sta. Rita to seek comfort in confiding to Dadoods in his grave.

Meanwhile, Jackie and Celine too were upset to find that Veron had tricked them to come to her house only so she could reveal to them that Lena is Jackie’s half sister. The two cousins were not convinced by this and left but Jackie remains bothered by the incident. Soon, Jackie discovers that Celine might be pregnant but is saddened by the fact that she might end up not having a child at all. Lena confronts her mother and asks her to stop begging the Madrigal’s to accept her as family, but Veron insists on seeking revenge so Lena decided to run away. She returns to Sta. Rita to reunite with Joaquin, her one true love. She fails to find him there but instead meets Eli whom she mistook as Joaquin.

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